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For the time being, this community is being closed. There is just not enough interest in this game for me to keep trying to adapt the setting. I'm leaving things up on the off chance that I ever get players for the game and feel like running it.


I have an idea that I would like to try out with this game. Basically, I want to seperate the storyline into individual chapters, each with more specific and short-term goals. The campaign will still have a big-ass epic long term goal involving fighting Izrador, sure, but that sort of climax can feel a long way off when you're sitting at level 1. So by introducing almost episodic elements to the game, it can maintain interest and help everybody feel like they're making a difference at every stage of the game by giving an immediate goal to work for while still retaining or introducing elements relevent to the overall story. Plus I hope to get all you players involved in planning these little mini-adventures and do some things you'd like to see happen. I've got a basic list of things I'd like to do which I'll write out at the end of this post. They can be fleshed out and given character driven motivations, which is what I hope will happen. Smuggling food and supplies to dwarves is a good basic idea. Smuggling food and supplies to the specific dwarf clan of one of the players just in time to prevent them from being overrun is more interesting. These things can also give you ideas for events in your character history. Anyway, on to the list.

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The more character focused the chapter goal, the better. The more ideas from the players, the better. When one plotline seems to be wrapping up, I'll put up a post seeing what people want to do or if they have any ideas so I can plan things out for the next one. I may not always go with the suggested things right away, especially if I want to do something with that same idea later, but I definately want input.

Laws of the Shadow

Okay, one more post from me today as it's quick, easy, and captures a lot of the feel for the setting. I'll probably expand on some of these things (like what constitutes martial weapons and armor, the situation with literacy, travel restrictions, etc) in another post for some needed details.

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Hierarchy of Evil

Okay, so I said that I was going to do world history next. So I changed my mind. The book happened to be open to these particular pages and that makes it convenient to just do these little write ups now and get them finished before tooling around for history at a different part of the book. This is important anyway, as players need to know what they're dealing with.

Heirarchy of Evil, from the top downCollapse )

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More updates coming, I promise

Adapting an old campaign setting for a new edition of mechanics has, admittedly, slowed things down a fair bit at the moment. I'm concentrating so much on getting used to 4e that I haven't had as much time on working on Midnight. But I should hope that I'll be able to get to the next big and important part of the game setting which will be a more detailed history of the game world and how things are at the time of the campaign start.

I'm taking a few liberties with the published campaign setting, I admit. Midnight is a dark fantasy setting and there are times when reading it that I get the feeling that the PCs are utterly doomed and their raging against the dying of the light is ultimately futile. While it's a facinating concept and it's what pulled me towards it in the first place, I can see how it could turn into something a bit too dark and too depressing for a game that's supposed to be fun and where players generally want to be heroes who can eventually succeed. The players should feel like they can and will make a difference, period. It will be harder going than in some other campaign settings, it's true. While not utterly defeated yet, the forces of Good have gotten their ass kicked and are lucky to be around at all, let alone ready for a comeback. But I think that's the biggest opportunity. A victory against overwhelming odds is more epic and more satisfying than one where you're one step from defeat at the outset. That being said, player victory is not assured. :P The setting would lose a lot of flavor and victory would be rather cheapened if I were to take it easy on players. I'll be giving players hope that they can make a difference, but it's up to them at that point to make the best of it.

Now, as soon as I have up the world history and the current state of events, I'd like to start getting people thinking about what kind of character they want to run. I don't expect people to make concrete decisions right away though, especially since I'm going to write up a post about each class and how it fits into the game world. Like how common a class is, how other people see members of that class, which races are somewhat more inclined towards that class, potential complications with that class, etc. I'd like to work with people to get well fleshed out backgrounds and a well balanced party as well as have everybody work with each other during character generation. Sometimes it can be nice to take a group of characters concieved and created in isolation together and see how they work together and what the dynamic turns out to be, but in this case I think it would be good to be a bit more focused and cooperative.

That's all for now. Just a brief update on why I haven't updated. I hope to have the history lesson ready to go sometime this week.

Race/Class intro

More basic campaign information. Race stuff may be expanded later if there's a need. This is to just give a general idea of what's available/not-available and what sort of situation each race/class is in.

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Brief campaign introduction

First post, mod post, so let's get things started. It's going to take a little while to get everything set up, so we're looking for a start date that's still a ways away. It's a new system with 4e and that'll take some adjustments even for people used to D&D. I've got plenty to type up about the campaign setting as well.

The campaign setting is called Midnight and here's a brief summary to start. 10,000 years ago the Gods went to war against the rogue god of darkness and corruption named Izrador. Izrador lost and the other gods made to seal him in the world of Aryth to teach him suffering as he had made others suffer. But although Izrador was sealed, he corrupted the ritual that sealed him. Instead of merely being sealed, Izrador cut off the whole of the world from the gods and spirit realms. Suddenly the peoples and creatures of the world found themselves cut off from divine guidance, instruction, and magic. The only god who was able to touch the world of Aryth was the dark god Izrador, who lay sleeping beneath the northern snows. The spirits of the dead were unable to move on to their rest, creatures from the outer planes could not return, and the whole world had to adjust. All peoples eventually adjusted to the new life and moved on, but after 4500 years, Izrador began to rouse himself and he corrupted men, elves, and dwarves, as well as other foul creatures like the Fell to begin his domination of the world. Eventually he went to war, but was crushingly defeated after a short and very bloody war. The small remnants of his armies fled back to the North with him. Two thousand years later, Izrador launched another attack to the south. But the nations and peoples of the rest of the continent were less united than they had been, so even though Izrador was again defeated it was a much closer and less decisive victory than the first war. There was little peace and even more divisiveness over the next thousand years so when Izrador invaded for the third time there was little to stand in his way. It's been 100 years since the Last War and Izrador's conquering armies crushed everything in their path, enslaving, corrupting, or killing along the way. Now darkness has fallen across the world. Only the fading Elven forest of Erathor and scattered bands and individuals resist Izrador and his Night Kings and Legates.

So basically the setting is sort of a "What if Sauron won in Lord of the Rings?" thing. The characters will be rebels and freedom fighters fighting an overwhelming force that's already won the war, looking to bring hope and freedom back to the world. But Izrador has utterly crushed the spirits of most people and characters will have to deal with collaborators, people scared of the heroes bringing down trouble on their head, secret police, and danger around every corner even in a quiet village. So characters will have to be smart and careful as well as heroic and charismatic. No adventure-hounds or treasure seekers in this campaign. Everybody has to be Good aligned and every character should have a good reason for risking their life and quite possibly the lives of their family, friends, and whole village. There's a lot of ways to be a hero in this world and I kind of want to touch on many of them with this campaign. You may find yourself ambushing orc patrols to keep them from finding hidden free villages, you may sneak into towns to assassinate leaders and collaborators, you may break into prisons to rescue captives, you may need to smuggle food and medicine to besieged dwarf strongholds, or you may need to sneak through the devestated ruins of a city to find magic items to help keep the orcs from overwhelming Erathor. I do have an overlying story arc idea in mind, but it will be spread out fairly well over the course of the campaign and not every mission or plotline will deal directly with that overall plot.

I'm looking for anywhere between 3-6 people. It's going to be largely play by post here in this community and in that aspect I think that 1-2 posts per day. I would also very much like to have a 3-4 hour session every week or two weeks on OpenRPG. Play by post tends to be somewhat slow in pacing and the occasional live session can really help speed through things, especially combat.

Right now I'm not sure about character classes or races or house rules or whatnot. I'll get to that eventually as I type up the Midnight information that I think is necessary.